First Person Shooter Games

What can I say, these types of games helps me keep my sanity and relieve stress from work. I've played several of the WWII games ('Medal of Honor', 'Call of Duty', 'Call of Duty 2'). And others, including 'Doom 3', 'Far-Cry', 'Half-Life', 'Half-Life 2', and 'Crysis'.

I find it interesting that there seems to be two philosophies on player health. Many of them deal in the idea of a health-pack to heal your wounds. Other just have you stay out of the fire for a few seconds to catch your breath and heal your wounds. I won't say either on is realistic, but I have noticed they tend to cause different styles of play from me. I tend to be more careful in the health-pack games. You never know where your next health will come from, so I tend to not take as many chances. In the rest and heal style games, I find myself being more aggressive, knowing if I get in over my head I can just retreat for a few and gain my health back.

I tend to be more of a sniper style player, and tend to find the 'shoot everything that moves' kind of games ('Doom 3' is an example of this) aren't as satisfying as games go. Give me the ability to fire and maneuver and I'm very happy. This is probably why I hold 'Far-Cry' as one of my most favorite games (and the one I've played the most often). It gives you the ability to pick multiple approaches for your attach. You can charge in, guns blazing, or hold back and slowly snipe them away. Couple that with the wide open play field, it was really fun. 'Far-Cry' was one of the first FPS games I've seen that allowed you to travel different paths to reach your objectives. Lots of them are what I call 'corridor style' games (think the Doom series). Even outdoors, 'Half-Life 2' felt more like just a big corridor. You had to follow the road and/or beach, etc.